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Scottish Climbing

With a less than confident view on the forecast and the amount of drizzle that would fall, sometimes its a lot, sometimes its not, we had a plan A of Ardverikie Wall near loch Laggan.

With an early start and a good cycle in on the mountain bikes we make short progress of the approach, at the base of the route for 9.20am.

I led up the 1st pitch which is an excellent climb of a steep arete and then into a steep slab on the top section. I set up a sling on the flake belay and then the drizzle started. By the time we were both on the belay it was damp and we had a decision to make. Climb on and chance it on slabs, or use the flake for an easy ab back to the ground. We picked the latter and used it as a good learning point on how to set up an efficient retreat off a climb.

A bike and drive back to Fort William and we were in Glen Nevis for just after lunch. We had a look over a few simple rope systems as the drizzle fell. 1st how to tie off a belay plate, then how to set up an assisted hoist if needed. We then moved on to how to retreat off a climb when you have used your rope to build the belay. All good knowledge.

With the crags now dry we finished off with an approach shoe ascent of Pinnacle ridge.

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