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Skye Cuillin Ridge Traverse

We offer guided Skye Cuillin Ridge traverses through the summer. Our guides know the ridge very well, will keep you safe and on track to success.


The Skye Cuillin ridge traverse is a long alpine style traverse that entails 2 days of mountaineering, an overnight bivi on the ridge, climbing, abseils, mental stamina, physical fitness and the ability to move well over exposed technical terrain. 

The goal for many to aspire to in the mountains!

Cuillin ridge traverse, Skye
Skye Cuillin ridge traverse
  • Distance: 20km,                        

  • Ascent: 3000m+

  • Grade: 3 – Severe****

  • Terrain: Rock ridge!

  • Duration: 3 day weather window

  • Start/Finish: Glen Brittle campsite, Sligachan Hotel.


Very good hill fitness, either other scrambles of grade 3 or above or experience of Skye munros.


What we offer

For the Skye Cuillin Ridge traverse we set aside a 3 day 'weather window' and pick the best 2 consecutive days for the attempt.

Our instructors are experienced on the Skye Cuillin Ridge and are very good at leading people through complicated terrain.

Our instructors know the best routes, bivi sites and short cuts to keep you on schedule for success.

We aim to complete the traverse in 2 days with a bivi half way along with a ratio of 1 guide to 2 clients.

All technical equipment for the ridge is supplied.


Day 1

Leave Glen Brittle campsite for Sgurr nan Eag, 3 hours

Sgurr nan Eag – Inaccessible Pinnacle, 5 hours

Inaccessible Pinnacle – Bivi, 3 hours

Day 2

Bivi – Sgurr nan Gillean, 6 hours

Sgurr nan Gillian – Pub, 3 hours

If you are looking to complete the Skye Cuillin Ridge as a quick way to tick off all the 11 munros, then you may be disappointed.


The Skye Ridge traverse is a challenge from A to B and the achievement felt at completing it will far outweigh getting 2/3 of the munros on the ridge and then running out of time, or energy.  We always start with the aim of completing peaks and classic sections but having the Skye Cuillin ridge Traverse completed is a far rarer achievement to tell your friends.


If you want to complete all the munros, then great, please have a look at our 4 day Skye Cuillin Munros page.


Not sure if the ridge is for you? 

Have a single day going along Clach Glas up to Blaven (the 12th munro on Skye)

Pinnacle Ridge up to Sgurr nan Gillean (a classic in its own right)

A day on the ridge over Sgurr a Mhadaigh and Bidein Druim nan Ramh, (the harder section).

Or Curved Ridge in Glen Coe day 1 and Ben Nevis via Tower Ridge on day 2.

Want only a few days or peaks?


Let us know if you want to do specific peaks or want sections of the Cuillin ridge in preparation for a Skye Cuillin Ridge Traverse

Skye Cuillin ridge traverse
Skye Cuillin ridge traverse


To complete a full continuous traverse of the Skye Cuillin Ridge is the pinnacle of most mountaineers’ aspirations.  It is like no other mountain chain or ridge line in the UK.  It is not for everyone and many people will not gain the required experience to have an attempt. 

With 3000m of ascent and descent just along the ridge (not including the initial ascent and descent on and off the ridge), a bivi in the high mountains, being self-sufficient with just what you are carrying, it is the nearest you can get to the greater ranges.

There is continual interest along the whole ridge with scrambling of at least grade 1 and 2 on the easier sections and all the way up to the Severe climbing grade on the harder sections.  With abseil descents and exposed down climbs it has it all.  And it is most defiantly an achievement that you have to earn.

The route itself is complicated, not only due to the fact that it is 12km long but also because at many obstacles along the ridge there always looks to be many options to take as well as the common descent routes for shorter, individual days that people use.  Many people have the mountaineering skill to complete the ridge but spend a lot of time and energy just trying to find the way.  Others just have the wrong approach to completing the Skye Cuillin ridge: taking too much kit, water and assuming its ‘just following the top’.

Having an experienced guide who knows the route and all those little top tips in the planning and packing stage is often the difference between success and failure.  If you have never thought of hiring a guide in the UK mountains before, this would be a good route to have your 1st.

Skye Cuillin ridge traverse

Additional Info

The start point is at Glen Brittle campsite with the aim to descend towards the Sligachan Hotel at the end.  It is an advantage to have a car left at both ends.  Meeting time and place to be arraigned upon booking.

We can supply helmets and harnesses.

A comprehensive kit list will be sent out upon booking.

Skye Cuillin ridge traverse
Cuillin ridge traverse
Skye Cuillin ridge traverse
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