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Guided Walk to Steall Waterfalls

A guided walk to Steall Waterfalls in Glen Nevis is a spectacular trip to one of the best areas in the Highlands. Suitable for everyone.

Discover how the gorge was made, see the local Scottish flowers and return via the hidden path.

Guided walk to Steall Waterfalls, Glen Nevis
  • Distance: 4km

  • Ascent: 100m

  • Terrain: mountain path, foot path

  • Average duration: 3 hours.

  • Start/finish – Car Park at the far end                              of Glen Nevis


No experience of hill walking required.


What we offer

All our guides are local to the area and have many years’ experience in the mountains.

Our guides know the best routes and are very knowledgeable about the mountain environment, so the walk can be easily split up with interesting chats along the way about the botany, geology and history of the area.

We only organise private groups to Steall Waterfalls.

The prices quoted are for one guide per group or individual, so our walks will always go ahead.


The walk starts from the far end of Glen Nevis in the final car park from where we make our way into the start of Steall gorge. 

The path is rocky in places but easy to follow and we soon enter a natural woodland where there are many native trees and plants to the Scottish Highlands.  Along the path we pass interesting rock formations showing how the glen and gorge were formed.

Soon we get near to the river itself with amazing views into Glen Nevis and the ranging torrent of the river.  We then emerge from the gorge and forest into Steall meadows and our first views of the waterfalls in the background.  One of the best views in Scotland.  


Past the meadows we get close to the waterfalls at nearly 100m high.  We then have a choice to cross the wire bridge to reach the very base of the waterfalls or stay on this side of the river and admire the views.

On our return we have 2 options.  We can either follow the same spectacular path back down the gorge or we can make our way onto the historical path silightly higher up the hillside, where we get more amazing views and all to ourselves.

Guided walk to Steall Waterfall, Glen Nevis
Guided walk to Steall Waterfall, Glen Nevis
Guided walk to Steall Waterfall, Glen Nevis
Guided walk to Steall Waterfalls, Glen Nevis
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