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Learning to lead climb in Glen Nevis

Learning to lead climb is about getting the correct knowledge and the right route for your 1st lead climb outdoors.  With an instructor beside you this process becomes a lot easier.

Climber in Glen Nevis
  • Grade Diff - VS

  • Ground: Rock crag

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Start/Finish: Café Beag, Glen Nevis


Experience of being a competent 2nd outdoors and/or climbing and leading indoors is needed


What we offer

Our instructors are qualified and very experienced at teaching people new skills at a suitable level.


We pick the best routes for you to give an enjoyable time on the rock.


We supply all the technical equipment for climbing.


A day out with a local experienced instructor can set you on the right path for your future climbing adventures. On this course we will make sure that you firstly have a good understanding of seconding rock climbs and then progressively ease you into leading at your pace and ability level, without the pressure of getting something drastically wrong.


The day is structured around the TTPP model of climbing: Tactics, Technical, Physical, Psychological.


Lead climbing is more than just getting up the route and placing gear.  There are methods to make a climb achievable just by knowing the right times to make key decisions about placing gear, move quickly or take your time to figure out the next section.  We will look at these points as well as the more physical skills of good gear placement, rope management and building belays.


Skills covered:

  • Placing gear

  • Rope management

  • Tactics of climbing a route

  • Good climbing movement

  • Building a belay

  • Looking after your second

  • Efficient climbing calls

  • Picking the right routes and grade for you


You can relax on a day with an instructor when you are going for your first lead.  You can focus on the climb and learning the new skills, in the knowledge that an experienced instructor is looking out for your safety and making sure that you are ready.

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