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Glencoe winter day

Today i was on Buachaille Etive Beag also know as the wee Buachaille aiming for the munro of Stob Coire Raineach.

This route worked well with the forecast of strong southerly winds with a rain window in the middle of the day. We went into the walk with an open mind of seeing how far the winds would let us get.

We were well sheltered walking up, soon hitting the snow line which was melting all the way up and very saturated. On the way up we looked at good footwork in the soft snow and good intricate route choice through the terrain to aid efficiency and increase safety.

Once at the col at 750m we were exposed to the southerly winds and started our way up to the summit. But it was evident after a few hundred meters that the winds were too strong and we turned around at about 850m.

We got good views to the other Glencoe peaks in between the showers. This weekend the weather is settling and the temperatures are dropping, hopefully firming up the saturated snow pack. But check the SAIS forecast as there will most likely be unstable loaded slopes with the strong winds we have been having blowing the snow.

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