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Aonach Eagach, Glencoe

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Today i was on the Aonach Eagach in Glencoe in perfect weather, dry rock, no wind, high cloud and not too hot.

We started the day being perused by midges on the lower slopes but they quickly went as we got higher. After a few hours of walking up we gained the ridge and started making our way along it, starting with a down climb of the chancellor. From there we could see the day pan out before us as well as a few wild goats that had already made their way along the ridge.

We picked our way over the short rocky steps to the 1st munro of the day and then onto the start of the pinnacles.

The guys did well making good steady progress over the longer scrambling sections, whilst also taking in the views north to Ben Nevis and south to the Isle of Mull, Coll and Tiree, we could even see Skye and Rum in the clear air.

Aonach Eagach, Glencoe
Aonach Eagach, Glencoe

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