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Zig Zags, Glen Coe

The Zig Zags in Glen Coe was the route of choice today for Chris and Kyle for their 1st outdoor climbing experience for The Ice Factor. 

The route was low down (easy to get to) and below the forecast Considerable avalanche hazard (which was 700m and above), but neither proved the case.  Tracks made it easier but still waist deep and there was evidence of 3 natural avalanches on the route where snow had come off rocky slabs and set off the slope below (i assume last night). With the sun hitting the upper slopes and setting off small sluffs, down was the best way to go rather than topping out.

We managed to look at mountaineering ropework and an intro to multi-pitch climbing, building on the guys indoor climbing knowledge, before an abseil back down. 

Avalanche debris

Mountaineering rope work


2nd pitch


Hidden Valley

Aonach Eagach in the sun 

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