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Wild in the Mamores

Today was the 3rd and final day to tick off the final munros in the Mamores range. However the weather had other plans.

With the strong rain lashing down from the start we made our way up the saturated grassy slopes to the ridge before Na Gruagaichean, our 1st munro of the day. Now with the wind blowing as well the temperature dropped but we were just about warm enough whilst walking. Gaining the double summit of the munro, we had a discussion about the structure for the rest of the day with the decision to descend after the 2nd munro of Binnein Mor a sensible one.

By mid afternoon we were on our way down and we got some respite from the weather as we descended and managed to dry out by the time we got back to Kinlochleven.

Over the 3 days we saw lots of rain and ticked off 8 munros.

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