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What Wildlife Can Be Spotted On Ben Nevis Guided Walks?

Glen Nevis is undeniably one of the most beautiful places you can choose to go and explore, especially if you’re keen to see as much interesting and varied wildlife as you possibly can while away.

The region was once home to the likes of wolves, wild boar, lynx and even brown bears! Although you won’t come across any of these on your travels, you’re sure to see all sorts of beautiful animals - and one of the most common is the red deer.

Summer is the best time of year to spot them as they roam freely around the countryside in search of food, so book your Ben Nevis guided walks now if you’re keen to see these stunning animals in their natural habitat this year.

Native red squirrels also thrive here so keep your eyes well peeled for these, as well. Feeders have been positioned throughout the glen so if you find these, you’re highly likely to see some of these curious little creatures.

Star walking is fast becoming a popular pastime for many hiking enthusiasts and if you want to explore Glen Nevis after dark, you may well come across foxes and badgers - although they’re both quite shy species, so count yourselves lucky if you do.

And you’re also likely to spot otters and pine marten in this beautiful part of the world, as well as golden eagles, buzzards, woodpeckers and many more feathered friends… so, as you can see, you really are spoiled for choice where fauna is concerned! If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.

Get to know Glen Nevis even better on the Nevis Landscape website.

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