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Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Today i was on Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis, the classic mountaineering ridge to the summit of the munro.

With a less than favourable forecast it turned out better than expected. With a few showers on the walk in to the CIC hut the ridge was then dry until we reached the summit.

Tower Ridge was wet and slippery as we climbed up the East gully of the Douglas boulder and along to the little tower. But with careful movements we made good progress with a few pitches up the little tower to the classic sections of the eastern traverse, the cave pitch, the steep wall and tower gap.

We got perfect weather on tower gap with dryish rock, no wind and views to Ledge route and Loch Eil. The guys did well wriggling down, then up and we were then quickly on the summit when the rain started.

If you would like to do one of the classic mountaineering ridges on Ben Nevis then please look here.

Tower Ridge on Ben Nevid
Tower ridge on Ben Nevis

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