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Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

With the first dry day after all the rain, Tower Ridge was a good choice and a classic mountaineering route in Scotland.

The crags were drying quickly and the crossing of the river to the CIC hut was simple enough after all the rain.

Once we gained the ridge via Douglas gap we made steady progress along the ridge, which was still a bit greasy but drying out. At the base of the little tower we did 3 long pitches and had a snack at the top with good views into the corrie which is still holding some big snow patches.

Next was the famous eastern traverse, the chockstone and tower gap. Not a breath of wind and easily dispatched saw us on the summit in the sun.

To complete the day we descended via Ledge route back to the CIC hut, making a good mountaineering day out.

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