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Top Tips For Wild Swimming While Hiking In The Mountains

Hiking and mountaineering can be a thrilling experience all by itself, with stunning views and a range of trails to suit all abilities, it allows you to experience nature and enjoy some fresh air while taking in stunning views from high up the rocky hills.

However, climbing a mountain may not be the only way to enjoy the wonders of nature. Many mountains exist in vast areas of beautiful countryside that have much more to offer.

Mountains are often abundant with lakes and rivers of cool, clean and fresh water which trickles, or pours, down in refreshing, beautiful streams. Many people enjoy wild swimming and these areas of natural beauty are the perfect spot.

There are several considerations you must take into account before wild swimming on your next mountain hike, however, to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

First, ensure the place you wish to swim in is 100% safe before taking a dip. Many bodies of water seem safe, however, currents and depth can never be anticipated. Searching for certified wild swimming spots which have been reported as safe is the best way to go about this.

There are many websites, books and magazines which list various wild swimming spots that are safe for you to enjoy all over the country in many different places.

Second, make sure you are prepared. Water is often colder than it seems therefore having something to dry off with and a change of warm, dry clothing is essential if you plan on taking a dip.

Finally, make sure you are comfortable before you jump in. While you may have made the hike anticipating you will be taking a swim, if you aren’t feeling up to it when you reach the spot, there is nothing wrong with saving it until next time- your comfort and safety are essential.

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