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See The Highlands Come Alive In Spring

There is always a good time to climb Scotland’s magnificent mountains, whether you choose to do it during the depths of winter or in the glorious summer sunshine. One of the most rewarding seasons to explore the Highlands must be spring though, when the weather, wildlife and whisky come to life.

- Weather

Springtime in Scotland is nothing short of magical, as the snow melts away, the fog clears and the flora and fauna blossom and burst into colour. Spring flowers begin to appear in March, and April and May tend to be the driest months of the year, making this a popular time to go climbing.

Those who go on Torridon walks or clamber up Ben Nevis can expect dewy mornings, bright blue skies, and a warm glow from the sun. Temperatures usually remain mild, which is good for walkers, as trekking for long hours can work up a sweat. Instead, a gentle breeze and fresh air will cool ramblers down.

- Wildlife

Spring is the time for new life, whether it’s the blossoming of flowers or baby season in the animal world. That is why nature lovers tend to flock to the country during this time of the year, to experience this first-hand.

Explorers can see fields of daffodils, bluebells, rhododendrons, cherry blossoms and yellow gorse, with its already beautiful landscape now exploding in colour.

It is also a fantastic time of the year for Scotland’s wildlife. Not only will you get to see lambs, baby deer, and Highland Cow calves, but you will also hear the mesmerising sound of birdsong all day long as blue tits, osprey, cuckoo, corncrakes, black grouse, gannets, guillemots, and puffins flock here during the springtime.

You might also get a chance to spot the rare red squirrels, who will emerge after hibernating all winter, or see a herd of red deer passing in front of you.

One creature you will probably want to avoid, however, is the midge. In this case, spring is a great season for walking, as midges come out in full force in the warmer summer months. During the springtime, however, you can amble through the scenery and enjoy the fresh Scottish air without worrying about shielding your face or swallowing a few midges along the route.

- Whisky

After your adventure through Scotland’s mountains, you can treat yourself to a ‘wee dram’. There is no better time to try a local tipple either, as May is World Whisky Month, during which lots of events and celebrations are held.

These include the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, Feis Ile, the Islay Festival of Music and Malt, and the Highland Whisky Festival, which give visitors the chance to taste local produce and immerse themselves in Scotland’s finest traditions.

The Spirit of Speyside Festival, for instance, is taking place between April 27th and May 2nd this year, with whisky makers flocking to the area to showcase their finest drinks.

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