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Ledge route and CMD arete, Ben Nevis

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

An amazing 1st day out in the winter on Ben Nevis today. It feels like a long time ago since the last winter was forced to finish in mid March but it was good to be back in the snow.

Myself and fellow instructor Mark decided on a mountaineering day ascending the classic Ledge Route to the summit of Ben Nevis and then traversing the CMD arete before descending. Even though we have only had 1 day of snow there is a lot around with all the winter features that it brings: cornices, ice, neve, windslab, powder but still a lot of rock poking though. It is early season conditions so routes need to be picked carefully and loose rock tested before a few more thaw, freeze cycles come though.

Ledge route in winter guiding
Ledge route in winter

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