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Golden Oldie, Aonach Mor

With a mixed forecast for Lochaber that turned out different on the hill anyway we headed for a slightly shorter day on Aonach Mor.

Using the gondola to get up to 650m we then walked round to the west face and made the walk up to the base of the ridges in the wind and rain. Its a tough walk in with no path and very steep grass to get to the base of the ridges.

Golden Oldie is more climbed as a winter mountaineering route but is good fun in summer and offers a different way up to the munro summit of Aonach Mor. On gaining the ridge we scrambled up the narrow corners and arêtes on mostly dry granite with the clouds clearing.

Because this ridge is normally covered in snow when people climb it, the vegetation and rocks have little wear and it made me think of other more famous ridge like the Aonach Eagach, Liathach and Ledge Route, as to what they would have been like for the 1st ascents. Probably covered in lichens, moss and grass with rock poking out. Very different now with their worn paths, clean rock and crampons scratches to show the way.

We then descended down the Nevis Range ski area, with the new snow fences looking good, with the aim to trap more snow on the pistes.

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