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Ben Nevis, Mountain path

Today i was walking up Ben Nevis via the mountain path and it was a day of 2 seasons, autumn and winter. We started early and caught the dryer part of the day with great views down Glen Nevis with the bracken turning colour.

We were moving quickly and made half way at the Red burn in 1.5 hours. From here the rain turned to snow with a complete ground cover by 900m of altitude. From then on it got steadily thicker and more like mid winter. Once on the start of the plateaux at 1200m there were drifts across the path which blended in well with the rest of the mountain under the snow.

After 3 hours of walking we got to the summit which was quite pleasent with little wind. It is that time of year when you are hot when moving but any exposed skin is quickly chilled.

On our way down the path was getting slippery where footprints had compressed the snow. It wouldn’t take much of a freeze to make this into ice. But at this time of year all the snow could dissapear in a few days.

If you want to go up Ben Nevis this winter then please have a look here

Guided walk up Ben Nevis
Glen Nevis
Guided walk up Ben Nevis
Summit of Ben Nevis

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