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Ben Nevis in Winter

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Today i was on the main mountain path to the summit of Ben Nevis. It was a very friendly winter day with little wind, dry and just enough snow cover to make it interesting. The views were also amazing with the high cloud cover.

We made good progress to half way at the Red Burn, from there, the snow started and was tricky to cross, with the heavy frost, sheet ice in places and slippery rocks. Once above 1000m the snow was thicker and was more consolidated and the going was easier to the summit.

Care was needed on the way down, although we didn’t use crampons it is at the stage where they will be needed when we get a bit more snow fall on the base that is already there.

A good day out for the girls from Jersey going from one of the most southerly points of the UK to the highest.

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