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Ben Nevis in full winter condition

Today our aim was to summit Ben Nevis via the mountain track. With the westerly aspect forecast ‘low’ on the avalanche forecast and with the weather improving through the day, we went for a slightly later start at 9am.

However the snow formations had other plans. We made good progress to the lochan just below the half way point, having been walking in snow since the carpark, when we started to come across big drifts that made progress slow. A lot of snow was being transported across the slopes and higher up. After knee and waist deep wading in places we made it to the Red Burn gully crossing in a full blizzard and with a lot of snow built up on the far side.

The team were tentative about the prospect if traversing a steep snow slope with consequence, so we decided to call that our high point for the day (as did everyone else we met on the hill). There is significant snow build up from crossloading in the gully which needs consideration as to whether it is safe to cross.

The weather is better the next few days but the weak snow will stick around for a while longer.

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