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Ben Nevis: A Favourite For The Charity Climb

Most people who ascend the mighty mountain that is Ben Nevis do so to take in the breath-taking vista, get an adrenaline high by scaling Scotland’s highest peak, and enjoy getting back to nature. However, there are thousands of people who stretch their legs on the mountaintop every year to raise money for charity.

So, why is Ben Nevis such a popular expedition for those looking to fundraise, as well as amblers on guided mountain walks around Scotland?

1) Highest mountain in the UK

Not only is Ben Nevis the steepest point in Scotland, but it is also the highest summit in the whole of the UK. It stands at an impressive 1,345 metres above sea level, offering beautiful views of the Scottish western Highlands.

The next tallest mountain is Ben Macdui in the Cairngorms, which, although remains a respectable challenge for climbers, it is still 36 metres shorter than Ben Nevis.

It is also more than 250 metres taller than Wales’ highest peak, Snowdon, and nearly 300 metres greater than England’s Scafell Pike.

2) Well-known challenge

As a result, it is unsurprising that climbing Ben Nevis is a very well-known challenge, helping those who attempt it to garner public interest in their expedition and raise more money for their cause.

This has been shown with the climb being recently undertaken by former pupils at Galashiels Academy. They received sponsorship from local companies Reiver Embroidery and Dave Boland Plastering to promote their trek, the Southern Reporter revealed.

As a result, the 22 graduates of 2015 were able to raise more than £3,750 for their chosen charity, the Rowan Boland Memorial Trust.

3) Manageable climb

While Ben Nevis has imposing statistics, it remains a manageable climb for many people. More than 150,000 climbers ascend the peak every year, covering 16km over an average of six to eight hours.

No prior climbing experience is required, and though it is extremely rocky, with experienced guides, it is an accomplishable feat as long as you have a good level of fitness.

In fact, three-year-old Hannah Fraser recently made it to the top, climbing Ben Nevis in memory of her father, Graham Fraser, who took his own life in 2019.

The toddler was helped up the mountain by her mother, Natalie, and her father’s friends and relatives, to raise money for Chris’s House, a charity set up to raise awareness of suicide prevention.

They managed to achieve more than £4,500 for the event, helped by Hannah, who embarked on some of the route herself.

Speaking with the Daily Record, Natalie revealed her little daughter is almost an expert now, having already scaled the Fife Hills and Tinto Hill.

She done really well with Tinto, Nevis she was carried quite a lot of the way by my friend Sarah Lloyd, as it’s hard to walk with a lot of big rocks to climb over. We stayed up at the top for a couple of hours,” said Natalie.

If you’re interested in embarking on a guided walk up Ben Nevis for charity, get in touch with us today for more information.

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