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Ledge Route, Ben Nevis

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Today i was on Ledge Route, Ben Nevis with Murat.  With a bit of a windy walk up to the CIC hut we geared up at the base of No. 5 gully which is still complete with snow.  From there we entered the gully and over the slab, which is still a snow slope.

Once on the ridge propper there is about 20% snow cover with the rest in summer condition, but having an axe in the hand was, handy, with big snow slopes still leading off from the ridge.  

We then summited Ben Nevis and descended via the Red Burn.  About 1 foot of snow has melted off the summit since Tuesday when i was last there and the lower zig zags are now almost snow free to about 1000m, crossing the Red Burn at half way is still tricky for some in the slush. 

No.5 gully

Top of No.5 gully

Look up towards the summit

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