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Ben Nevis, Mountain path

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A great day up the mountain path on Ben Nevis.  Good views all the way with not too much wind at the top.  

There is still rock hard snow from half way to the summit with a lot of fresh powder from about 1000m up.

Most people were making their way up without crampons with mixed success, or lack of, we were glad of ours, especially on the way down.

I only had to stop 5 members of the public from sliding down the Red Burn: 1 lady making her way up it in summer boots, taking 3 steps up and sliding 2 back. And 4 others gripping with their finger nails on the path to the zig zags in the Red Burn after slipping, simple steps cut with an ice axe solved all. 

Crampons and an axe would have prevented all. 

The summit

On the zig zags

The summit

The plateaux 

Descent route

Path at half way across the Red Burn. Person (centre) tried 4 times to slide over the drop, decided against it and walked away having ‘got away with it’. 

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