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Ben Nevis

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Today the plan was to get to the summit of Ben Nevis.  But there was a lot against us.  

With a ‘Considerable’ avalanche forecast on westerly slopes, high winds, already deep snow and snow falling all day, the chances were low.

We made it to the Red burn at half way but could go no further due to the wind.  There is also avalanche debris in the Red burn and over the path junction at half way (probably from yesterday) with a large snow bank at the Red burn with a large cornice, it wasn’t the place to go.  

Today i was out for Kirkhope Mountaineering.

Blizzard at 300m, a new record for me.

Snow at the Red burn

Avalanche debris at half way lochan, run out was a good 300m

Snow bunting doing better than us in the wind

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